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We are excited about our opening day even though it is a month away. We are making some minor changes to be sure all our customers and staff are safe. We will move our payment line outside this year. We will not be able to offer cookies this year but are looking for a safer treat. Still are planning on hot cocoa!!!


Our farm will be charging $50 for any tree.  Our wreaths will be $25.  We are maintaining last year's prices knowing this has been a hard year for many people.  We have a great selection of trees in the 6-8 foot range and many that are taller.  Come wander around and enjoy the atmosphere of our farm.  Please try to social distance whenever possible so your visit is fun and safe!

Donaghey Tree Farm was started in 1971 by Manson and Fay Donaghey.  It is a small family operated tree farm located in Pembroke, NH.  Our family believes in providing the best quality trees and wreaths for your holiday season

We are a cut-your-own farm, and will help direct you to the perfect tree.  Bring the whole family and enjoy hot cocoa and snacks for the kids when you are through.


our trees

Fraser fir

These trees have short needles that are soft and gentle.  They are known for their long-lasting needles and balsam fragrance that fills a room.  


It has many similarities to both Fraser and balsam firs in growth and appearance. 

Fralsam fir 

This hybrid incorporates the best 
characteristics of its parent trees, 
the Balsam and the Fraser, into one outstanding tree.

White spruce

These trees have sharp, short 
needles.  Their sturdy branches are 
ideal for heavier ornaments.


Fir balsam

Its symmetrical spire-like crown, 
shining dark green color and spicy fragrance have made it a favorite Christmas tree for hundreds of years. 


359 Third Range Road

Pembroke, NH 03275


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